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Danayan Pars investment company was established on January 5, 2005 as a public company under the number 227,186 that was registered in the Companies Registration Office and institutes of Tehran. SADRE PARS Management Company is the majority shareholder of Danayan Pars investment company. Danayan Pars has been committed underwriter of companies like Zanjan Petrochemical industries company, Ayandeh Bank and etc. The main center of company is in Tehran.

Board of Directors

S. Amir Safavi

Member of the Board

    MohammadReza Amiri Bahman Beyglu

    Member of the Board

      Ahmad Eshtiaghi

      Member of the Board

        MohammadReza Modiri

        Member of the Board

          Babak Jahanara

          Member of the Board

            Managing Director's Message

            First giving honor to merciful God who is the first and the last, who is hidden from sight while nothing in all creation is hidden from his sight, a God who is indescribable. With respect to realization of macroeconomic policies, Danayane pars vision may be clarified as qualitative and quantitative development of the capital market and afterwards to play an effectual role in the international financial markets. Having a glance at Danayane pars short life (since 2004) proves that it has successfully participated in pre-operational plans, business planning and venture capital financing (VC) by establishing large-scale enterprises, financial institutions and startups (commercial banks, brokerages, financial institutions etc.). In addition to the economic value of such policies, Danayan Pars hopes to take effective steps to promote financial innovation in the Iranian capital market and quality of economy.

            Companies and Projects

            Falat Iranian
            Isfahan Foolad Mobarake
            Mapna Group
            Khark Petrochemical Industry
            Ansar Bank
            Ayandeh Bank
            Arman Ati
            Zanjan Petrochemical Industry
            Arya Bourse

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